In August I moved my business in to a new home, in an old Victorian workshop space in Mile End. Its flawed, but its mine, its home and I love it.

Above all its a great space, with great machinery and a few like minded folks around to bounce ideas off and for that often needed second set of hands.

The new space has allowed me to take on bigger more challenging jobs, now including bespoke kitchens, alongside the bespoke furniture and smaller objects I’m continuing to develop.

Early 2019 will see me start developing my first range of studio furniture. I’m very much in the drawing phase at the moment, but lots of exciting things ahead and starting to book in some shows to launch new products.  

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My journey into craft started… well, quite a long time ago actually. I was born to a fine art consultant and a jewellery designer gemologist, so perhaps the path i’ve taken is in fact not so surprising. 

Despite some early triumphs in finger painting and papier-mâché it actually took rather a long time for my artistic tendencies to come out, only really flourishing in my latter teenage years. 

A love of making and doing was been ever present through a few paths in my early life, but ultimately led me to the Fine Furniture course at The Building Crafts College in East London.

Here I trained for two years under some of the finest makers and designers of 20th century furniture. Crucially, these were folk of the pre-digital age, who placed technical mastery and a sensitivity for materials at the very heart of their practice and teaching.

I am pleased to say that i have been very much moulded in their image.
My work places huge value in the central role that hand skills play in garnering an intimate understanding of and love of materials.